Geychay city, which means "blue water” is located in the central part of Azerbaijan, in the northern part of Shirvan plain, 233 km away from the capital. This region is notable for its wonderful climate and the abundance of historical sites, but mainly it is famous for pomegranates. Pomegranates are historically cultivated in almost all the regions of the country, but the recognized center of the best varieties of pomegranate is the Shirvan region which is situated in the dry subtropics zone of Geychay. The Geychay pomegranates are recognized worldwide and became the symbol of "real Azerbaijani pomegranates". The secret of great taste and consistent quality of these pomegranates are the unique microclimate and soil composition, which are found nowhere else in the world. It’s not surprising that the technology of the preparing of the well-known Azerbaijani sauce "narsharab" which is boiled pomegranate juice, was invented by the locals. This popular sweet and sour sauce harmonizes perfectly with fish and meat.

It is remarkable that each fall, Geychay city holds the traditional "Feast of pomegranate", dedicated to the harvest of this "king of fruits". As part of the celebration there are tight rope walkers performance, athletes, dance groups and folk performances. Everyone can take part in various folk games, as well as get acquainted with the many varieties of pomegranate grown in this area. In honor of the guests the feast tables with delicious national dishes which were prepared in front of public, are set.