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Nakhichevan - Sharur

Sharur is an administrative center of Sharur district of Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan. Formerly known as Norashen and then renamed after Lenin into IIyichevskiy this district is located in the west of NAR and has a border with Armenia and Iran. There is mountain chain Dereleyez at the territory of the district. Despite the fact the this city is young this land is an area of ancient settlements as a fact. The date of foundation is unknown. The name of Sharur is mentioned as a name of one of clans in “Kitabi Dede Gorgud”. Excavations made in Arpachay and Araz rivers’ valleys found tracks of settlements of the Bronze Age.


There is one detail (like avarywhere in Nakhichevan) that attracts your attention when you walk in Sharur. These are nests of storks constructed right on the electric poles. This is a tipical picture for this region. Whenever you travel in Nakhichevan you will be accompanied by these nests darting behind the window and giving the whole journey a specific atmosphere. As well as the whole territory of Nakhichevam Sharur is rich of historical monuments. A special place among the occupy fortresses located on the top of mountains “Giz galasi” and “Oglan galasi”.


Sharur is famous by its dance “yalla”. This ancient dance is one of the cultural heritages of Nakhichevan that is considered as its motherland.


By the way the real motherland of yalla is Cherchibogan village. The dance group “Nurani” consists of aksakals of this village. This is a group of men where the youngest is 61 years old and the oldest is 80.

There are two parks, a stadium, museum, mosque, monument-memorial of shekhids, cinema and two hotels in the city. An Olimpic complex was opened in Sharur in 2009. Here is an old city with some ancient mosques, baths preserves and a good market. In fact tourists will find the recreation in Sharur fascinating and informative.