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Baku - Nakhichevan

The capital ofNakhchivanAutonomousRepublic,NakhchivanCityis situated on the Nakhchivan River Embankment, very close to the Iranian border, and 536 km away fromBaku. It is one of the most ancient cities ofAzerbaijan, and reliable sources indicate thatNakhchivanCity’s foundation was laid in around 1500 BC. However, a folk legend says the city takes its beginning from Noah’s time, and Noah himself laid a foundation of the city after the Flood. There is Noah’s Mausoleum preserved in the southern part of the city. A temple once stood here, but unfortunately, it was destroyed, and the Mausoleum that people can visit today occupies the lower floor of the destroyed temple. There are names of pilgrims who once visited this place engraved upon the walls of this unique monument.

Nakhchivan had been admired and viewed by many travelers and poets of the past as one of the most beautiful and prosperous cities in the East. And today the city, due to its numerous monuments reflecting different stages of history, is an attractive destination for tourists. The Mausoleum of Yusuf ibn Kuseyr (1162), Alinja-Gala Fortress (11th-13thcenturies), the majestic Khan Palace (18th century) and other historical venues would give to visitors an unforgettable experience.

However, Nakhchivan’s main attraction for tourists today is, of course, the therapeutic salt caves of Mount Duzdag located at a height of 1,173m above sea level. Individuals suffering with respiratory disease find great results of treatment procedures here. The clinic itself consists of two parts: above ground and underground parts. The first one is placed in a very comfortable venue called Duzdag Hotel, and the second part is in the mountain down to a depth of 300 meters. The clinic in Duzdag Hotel has five salt mines where rooms with beds, a café, TV-salon, and the library are provided for patients use.

The clinic patients may spend their free time visiting Aqua Park, indoor and outdoor pools, basketball and soccer fields, tennis courts, and a fitness complex to enjoy the services provided here.