Khizi district

Distance with Baku

104 km


15,3 thsd person

How to get to

Auto transportation: buses Baku - Khizi

At the distance of 104 km from Baku is located a mountainous region with mild and dry climate called Khizi. Here is one of the main natural attractions of the area – the legendary mountain Beshbarmag, named so because of its unusual shape resembling a stone hand menacingly raised over the ancient caravan route. At the top among the teeth of the rocks are the ruins of the sanctuary “Hyzirzinde” (eternally living Hizir).

Any traveler knows this place because it can’t be avoided while driving on the road leading from the capital to the north, and tourists enjoy admiring the forbidding rock. You can exit the car, warm up after a long journey, drink tea, eat barbeque or boiled corn in season. Those interested can visit the mosque here.

There are many historical monuments in the area. Beshbarmag tower built in the middle of VIII century is located at the distance of 9 km from the center of the district. The ruins of an ancient city of V century are at the distance of 8 km and Mausoleum of Sheikh Heydar is located in Alashirin village in 5 km from the center of the district.

In Khizi district is located the one of the most beautiful parts of Azerbaijan – Altiagach Reserve, also called “Jannat Bagi” – “The Garden of Eden”. Forests cover 90% of the territory of the reserve, actually it was founded to prevent erosion in the south-eastern slopes of the Great Caucasus and for conservation of rare species of animals and plants.

There is also a small zoo for the tourists which represents the fauna of the reserve. In this zoo live as neighbors brown bears, deer, mountain goats, swans, monkeys and even pure-bred dogs. Clean air and silence occasionally interrupted by cackling geese give a rest to the soul inspired by the amazing beauty of the surrounding mountains.

It’s interesting that the layered mountains located in Khizi create the illusion of a huge agate – sardonyx. They are not high, the highest point – 958 meters above sea level  is on the mountain Saraku. In some areas one flank of hill is used as winter pasture and the other – as the summer one. Outputs of the different geological layers on the surface are forming a kind of original by color landscape. Experts assert that this geological phenomenon can be observed in only one place on Earth – in Death Valley, USA.


History tells us that here in Altiagach  in the reign of Shirvanshahs was one or the caravan parks. And since the word “agach” means not only “tree” but the measure of the length (7km) which was once in use, then this name in translation means “six Agach”, that is 42 km, which equals the distance from here to the city of Shamakhi. Long time ago here was an ancient caravan route linking Shamakhi with Derbent. And nowadays fans of hiking make their hikes from here towards Maraza and Shamakhi.

At the distance of 8 km from Khizi there is one more recreation area where the house-museum of the founder of Azerbaijan drama Jafar Kabbarli is located. Furthermore Khizi is a homeland of another outstanding representative of Azerbaijani literature – poet Mikail Mushfig, whose house-museum is also opened to visitors.