The capital of Azerbaijan, where past and present intricately intertwined, have always attracted tourists. Of particular interest to guests of Baku is Old City, enclosed within the fortress walls, or Icheri Sheher (Inner City). This open-air museum, together with famous Maiden Tower (XII c.) located here is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The architectural appearance of a fortress differs by its unique originality. It contains 44 monuments of medieval architecture, including the unique Palace of the Shirvanshahs, former residence of the rulers of Shirvan (XV c.). 30 km away from Baku, in Surakhani village, there is a Zoroastrian monument – fire worshipers’ temple "Ateshgah". A little further into the village of Gobustan (60 km away from Baku), there is a rare monument of world culture, one of the earliest centers of human civilization, where 4,000 rock drawings of people and animals were found. This historical-art reserve is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Of no less interest for the guests is the modern appearance of the capital. Among the new hallmarks of Baku one can distinguish the magnificent building complex Flame Towers, the sports and leisure complex Crystal Hall, which held the Eurovision song contest in 2012, the Cultural Center named after Heydar Aliyev and others. A favorite walking place for locals and guests is the City Seaside Park (or Boulevard), shining with neon lights. In Baku there are also many shopping centers, boutiques, movie theaters, concert and exhibition venues, museums, restaurants, and world famous brands hotels.



Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan, a major scientific and technical, industrial and cultural center of the country.
Any part of Azerbaijan from its architectural and historical point of view can attract tourists but numerous monuments of Baku provoke a keen interest of tourists. First of all this is the old part of the city – fortress Icheri Sheher which together with the adjacent legendary Maiden Tower (XII century) is  included into the list of world heritage sites. The architectural aspect of the fortress differs by unique originality; there are 44 monuments of medieval architecture. Among them: a unique Shirvanshahs’  palace, the former residence of the rulers of Shirvan (XV century), minaret Sinik – gala (XI cenetury), mosques, caravanserais, baths. This is a real ethnographic treasure for lovers of the antique.

At the distance of 30km from Baku in the Surakhani village is located not less exotic ancient monument – a temple of fire-worshipers “Ateshgah” – a page in the chronicle of Zoroastrizm. At a little distance from here in the Gobustan village (60 km from Baku) is a rare monument of world culture, one of the earliest centers of human civilization. Here were found about 4,000 rock paintings of people and animals ( petroglyphs ), 20 caves where our ancestors lived. The Azerbaijan Historical-Artistic Reserve was founded here and the monument itself was included into the list of UNESCO World Heritage.


The modern face of the city is of equal interest for the visitors. The following characters in Baku could be marked out: buildings of Flame Towers, the sport and entertainment complex Crystal Hall which held a Eurovision contest in 2012, the cultural center of Heydar Aliyev Foundation and others.
A favorite place for walks  for residents and guests of the capital remains transformed and shining by neon lights city Seaside park. There is a great number of modern shopping and entertainment centers (SEC), sports centers, cinemas, concert and exhibition centers, museums, parks, etc. in Baku.

You can go to the SEC Park Bulvar, 28 Mall or Metropark where after strolling about boutiques to your heart’s content you may have a lunch or dinner at many cafes and restaurants there. And for dessert you can watch the latest movie in perfectly equipped movie theatres, to play bawling or do some shooting on the rides. 
By the way, the largest indoor amusement arcade in Europe – Megafon is also located in the capital of Azerbaijan. And that’s not all! To the delight of devoted moviegoers the biggest in Caucasus region screen with a width of 18 meters was installed in the cinema center “Nizami”.
Baku – city of women of fashion and men of fashion. Brand stores of clothes and footwear are scattered all over the capital, the most fashionable of them – Armani, Versace, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and more lined up in orderly rows along the central Neftchilar avenue which is opposite the Boulevard. Lovers of cultural activities and good music also will not be bored. Concerts of world scene stars are regularly hosted by Crystal Hall complex and Palace named after Heydar Aliyev. You can enjoy classic and symphonic music in the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society and the State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet. Jazz fans are advised to attend concerts regularly organized in Baku Jazz Center. In addition a traditional jazz festival is held  in Baku every fall.
You can also visit museums, art galleries, to go with kids to Luna Park, Circus, zoo, to go boating in Baku Venice at the Boulevard. We advise you to visit the Upland Park where the best to go up by cable car. From its viewing platform the city and the bay will be in a clear view.
To get acquainted with the rich national cuisine of Azerbaijan is also very easy, just go to any of the many city restaurants where you will be treated with love to kebabs, dolma or pilaf.
In short, no one will be bored in the capital of Azerbaijan and all will find something to their liking.


There is a large number of high quality brand hotels for the convenience of tourists in the capital: Four Seasons Hotel Baku, Hyatt Regency, JW Marriott Absheron Baku Hotel, Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel, Grand Hotel Europe, Hilton Baku, Kempinski Hotel Badamdar and others. Guests will not face to the problems with accommodation and relaxation.