ADRA museum and exhibition complex art salon 
Address:H. Aliyev Avenue 24, Museum and Exhibition Complex Arts Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan 
Phone: 0125665669

Azerbaijan State Museum of Musical Culture 
Was poened in 1967, in Baku. The goal of the museum is the collection, storage, investigation and popularization of materials related to the musical history of Azerbaijan. 
Baku, Rashid Behbudov 7 
Phone (+99412) 598-44-79 
Working hours 10:00 - 18:00

"20th-21st Century Azerbaijani Painting" Museum 
Baku , Bail, the State Flag Square 
Phone (+99450) 243-28-12 
Working days: Tuesday – Sunday 
Working hours: 10:00 - 20:00

Museum of State flag of republic of Azerbaijan 
Kurban Abbasov 10 ,Baku 
Phone: (+ 99412) 515-91-90 
Working Days: Monday - Friday 
Working hours: 09: 00 - 18:00

Azerbaijan history museum 

Azerbaijan history museum is created in 1920. The museum has 6 sections, laboratory, 10 funds, scientific archive and library. The exposition of the museum is situated in 35 halls. History and culture of Azerbaijan have reflected since ancient period before our days here. In the hall of the museum "People’s friends and employees" is presented exhibits of friendly people, gifts from foreign states, are demonstrated rare pearls. There are scientific works, monographs, albums-catalogues and others in the museum.  

Museum of carpet and applied arts

Museum of the azeri carpet, folk & applied arts is the first museum of carpets in the world. It is created in 1967, discovered in 1972. The funds of the museum of Azeri Carpet have over 10 thousand valuable works of art. Carpets weaved in the XIII-XX centuries are objects of the ancient living; Bronze Epoch ceramic monuments and art metals of the XIV century are among them. The high-level mastering can be marked in decorations – silver and gold jewellery etc.

Museum of Azerbaijan Musical Culture  

The State Museum of Azerbaijan Musical Culture introduces guests to the rich and original Azerbaijan people's heritage, main stages in the development and history of national music and activities of its prominent representatives. There are more than 50 thousands exhibits collected in the museum fund. Among them are such Azerbaijan national musical instruments as tar, kamancha, saz, daf, goshanaghara, zurna, ney as well as other musical instruments with specific features.

Museum of azerbaijan literature named after Nizami Ganjavi  

 The whole area of the museum is 2500 sg.m. The exposition occupies 1409 sg.m, the scientific funds occupies 173 sg.m. Sculptures of the six famous representatives of Azerbaijan literature: Fizuli (sculptor F.Abdurrahmanov), Vagif (sculptor S.Klyatsky), M.F.Akhundov (sculptor P.Sabsay), Natavan (sculptor E.Tripolskaya), D.Mammedkulizade (sculptor N.Zakharov), J.Jabbarly (sculptor S.Klyatsky) are located on the front side of the museum. The sculptures give the building a pantheon-like appearance.

Museum of miniature books  

In the center of Baku - in Ichery Sheher – You can see the Unique place in the world- The museum of miniature books. It was opened on 23 of April,2002. More than twenty years, its creator, Zarifa Salakhova,were collecting rare collection of 4 - x thousands of mini books from 47 countries around the world.When You get into the museum, You can make "miniature" journey of the world. The museum books published in Russia in the pre-revolutionary period in Soviet times

Museum of modern art

The museum focuses on the second half of the twentieth century and contains over 800 works by notable Azerbaijani painters and sculptors, particularly avant garde art of the 1960s and 1970s, including Rasim Babayev, Ashraf Murad, Gennady Brejatjuk, Fazil Najafov, Mamed Mustafaev, Aga Houssejnov, Ali Ibadullaev, Mir-Nadir Zeynalov, Fuad Salayev, Farhad Halilov, Darvin Velibekov, Eldar Mammadov, Mikail Abdurahmanov, Museib Amirov, Mahmud Rustamov, Huseyn Hagverdi etc.