Novruz Spring Holiday

Tour duration 5 nights/6 days

Regions- Baku-Shamakha-Gabala-Sheki

The holiday Nowruz is celebrated in connection with arrival of spring and is devoted to a joyful event – end of winter and approach of spring.

Celebration of  Nowruz means a meeting of new year, the first day of spring.

Awakening of the nature begins with Nowruz, and the Azerbaijani people mark out him very solemnly, a month before its arrival. So, on Tuesdays every week Torpag and Akhyr  chershenba – respectively Tuesdays Waters, Fire, Earth and the Last (holiday) Tuesday are marked out Water, Fire According to national legends, on the first Tuesday water and water sources are updated and start moving; on the second Tuesday by means of Fire, in the third – Earth, and in the fourth – Winds bulk up kidneys on trees, and all this foretells arrival of spring.

Nowruz is rich with ancient traditions. Among them it is possible to call «Hydyr Ilyas» (a symbol of fertility, blossoming), «Braids plaits» – entertaining vulgar game (a symbol of arrival of spring) and guessing.

There are interesting traditions connected with fire. Azerbaijan as the Country of fires has the rich traditions connected with fire – a clarification symbol. Before Akhyr  chershenba – last Tuesday before Nowruz – fires, and everything, irrespective of age and a floor are lit everywhere, have to jump through a fire, and seven times – or seven times over one fire, or on time over seven fires. Jumping tells the following words: «My yellowness  for you, your redness for me». The fire is never extinguished by water. After he goes out, young guys and girls collect the remained ashes and throw out far away from the house. It means that all failures of the family members who jumped through a fire leave together with the thrown-out ashes.

18.03.2016 – 23.03.2016

19.03.2016 – 24.03.2016


1 Day

Transfer to hotel

Accommodation in hotel


2 Day


Breakfast at the hotel

10:00-14:00 Sightseeing tour around the city Baku

The sightseeing tour around the city includes:

Driving through the main streets and prospectuses of modern part of the city of Baku.

Acquaintance with architectural and sculptural monuments of the XIX-XX centuries.

Visit of the Memorial Alley «Alley of Martyrs»


Inspection of  panorama of the city and the Baku Bay from the Upland Park of Baku clear view panorama of the city is visible from the concert hall «Cristal Hall», where was hosted  the Eurovision Song Contest 2012).



Visit of medieval part of the city «Icheri Sheher» («the Internal City») and


Acquaintance with its architectural monuments of the VII-XVI centuries many of which have world value and are under protection of UNESCO. It is ancient serfs walls and defensive towers of XV-XVIVV. internal city; unique complex

Shirvanshahs’ Palace of XV-XV1 of centuries, mosques «Djuma» of  IV- VI centuries and «Synykh Gala» XI century.

«Giz Galasi» that means «the Maiden Tower» of  XII century, a medieval Bath and the Market square of  XV – XVI centuries, a complex Karavansaray means XIV – XVI centuries.

Visit of carpet, gift and antique shops and salons.

-Back to the hotel.

-Free time

3 Day

Late breakfast at the hotel

14:00 Excursion on sights of Apsheron:

The temple of fire worshippers of «Atashgah»  is in the settlement of Surakhana of the XVII century, review of the oldest oil fields of Balakhana of the XIX-XX century,

«Gala» – the National historical and ethnographic park to the Profile of the reserve is protection of all historical and cultural monuments carrying scientific, historical and art importance. The territory of the reserve makes 156 hectares.There are 5 mosques, 3 hamam (bath), 4 reservoirs, houses, buildings of agricultural purpose, a tomb, barrows, remains of the lock and many other monuments relating to the III millennium BC till the XX century in the territory of the reserve.

At will a lunch at national restaurant «Zeytun» in the settlement Gala. (payment on a place)

-Back to the city

-Free time (at will it is possible to organize, and in advance to reserve a campaign in local to boors and to feel delights of the Turkish bath)



Breakfast at restaurant of hotel.

10:00 Excursion program in of Sheki: moving along a route to Baku-Sheki (apprx. 300 km.) on the road a stop for lunch (payment on a place)

15:00 Arrival in the city of Sheki, accommodationt in Sheki Saray Hotel.


Excursion program in the city of Sheki: Survey of a historical and architectural complex of «Yukhari Karavansaray» of XVIII-XIXV, acquaintance to work of local handicraftsmen and national handymen, a city panorama from mountain part, survey of the mosque «Omar Efendi» (XIX century), a fortification and a tower of the medieval city of XVIII-XIXVV, the palace of Sheki Khans of XVIIIV, the round Albanian Christian temple / museum of national creativity of IX-XVIV, acquaintance with an exposition of the local local history museum.

-Departure to the village of Kish (15 minutes)



-Visit of church and ancient Christian basilica of the I-IX century.

-Back to Sheki.

-Accommodation  in hotel

-Free evening.

-Dinner at restaurant of the city (for an additional payment)


Breakfast at restaurant of hotel.

Departure along Sheki-Gabala route (apprx. 110km)

Along the line visit of the settlement Nidzh (the Christian Monophysite temple «Dzhotari of a kilsyasa» in a place of compact moving of an ancient Caucasian nationality «Udi»).

Arrival in Gabala and accommodation in hotel. The hotel is located in a beautiful place an amazing view of mountain tops and the green woods. Distance from the center of  Baku is 220 km.

-Free time (to spend time which it is possible in the territory of hotel in SPA the center, a skating rink or the moon park)


6 Day

Breakfast at restaurant of hotel.

Departure along a route of Gabala-Baku (apprx. 300 km)

-Arrival in Baku in the second half of day.

-Visit of the local market for purchase of souvenirs and east sweets

-Transfer to the airport

Included in the tour price:

Accommodation in hotels with double placement


The comfortable conditioned transport with the professional driver on all route

Entrance tickets for the specified monuments

Guide service

All specified excursions

For an additional fee:

 Soft drinks,

The cost of the visa is 40 USD (except citizens of the CIS),

Charges for a photo – and video filming in the museums,

Festive dinner on the person 150 USD (Restaurant Chanag Gala, the Neolithic, the Oasis)