Sandy beaches of the Caspian, Azerbaijan has nurtured a resort town located in the central region, as well as in blue.

Most of the beaches of the Absheron peninsula, located in the capital, and the locker rooms, cafes, restaurants, entertainment centers, boat rentals and other resources in the field of infrastructure, water parks, belonging to the nearest bed of wonderful обустроенную катамаранов is different. All are well equipped and qualified staff beach rescue. Mardakan, Shikhov, Novkhani, Bilgah, Zagulba beach, among the best known - and etc.

So many world-class luxury complex on the banks of the small guest house by the beach resorts of various institutions, such as the Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel, was covered. Amburan Beach Club in Mardakan Beach in the village of Bilge also use special popularity Wave. Other beach resort village of Khachmaz Nabran recreation center residents and visitors of the favorite places of Azerbaijan. Finally, in Lankaran subtropical region, which is known as the warm waters of the Caspian Sea - the south of Azerbaijan beach is necessary to make amazing karakum and чистейшими has healing properties.