Eastern Fairy Tale


Tour duration: 12 nights/13days

 Excursion tour

“Eastern Tales”

 1 Day

 Meeting at the airport of Tbilisi

Accommodation in 3* hotel

Sightseeing tour.

 City tour in Tbilisi: Bus – tour on the central Rustaveli Street and the most beautiful Mardzhanishvili Street.

The cathedral "Metekhi" – based in the 13th century from which the beautiful view of the city opens.

Visit of the modern Mira Bridge, on complexity of architecture taking the second place in the world.

We will walk on the area all of known sulfuric baths in the town of "Abanotubani" and on park of HeydarAliyev.

Then we will visit the oldest mosque "Dzhuma" in Tbilisi. The mosque was constructed in 1723 — 1735 by Ottomans.

Walk on the Botanical garden Tbilisi; it was based in the XIX century, before "imperial gardens" which the traveler Jean Chardin at the end of the XVII century mentioned were laid out here. The Botanical garden Tbilisi contains a unique collection of plants, in which more than 4 500 types. (Here it is possible to hire bicycles)

Visit of fortress of "Narikal" – at walls of fortress turrets from which you will have an opportunity to take memorable pictures are restored. From a fortification amazing types open. We will sweep on a ropeway from Narikal to park Ric.

Walk on the well-known street of Tbilisi – Chardin. She reminds the Champs Elysée with numerous small restaurants and cafe, boutiques and not numerous salons. This cult place is in Tbilisi. Here in the most ancient historical and cultural part of the city you get to the present fairy tale. 

 -Transfer and accommodation in hotel. 

-Free time.

-Overnight at the hotel.

 2 Day

Breakfast at the hotel

Departure to the city of Mtskheta of Such quantity of holy and cult sites as in Mtskheta, isn't present more in all Georgia. For it the ancient city is called "the Second Jerusalem". Here Saint Nino Kappadokiyskaya brought a good message, here you will have an opportunity to visit:

The cathedral "Svetitskhoveli" (XI century) – one of spiritual symbols of modern Georgia. Here is one of the greatest shrines of the Christian world – Heaton Gospoden is stored.     

The Jvari Monastery (V century) immortalized in literature by Mikhail Lermontov. The ancient legend about what in this place Saint Nino gave Sacred up as a bad job, marked adoption of Christianity by Georgia.

Mtskheta is entered in the list by UNESCO.

Then departure to Gori, visit of the museum of Stalin which grew and I was born in it the city. The museum was open in 1937, during lifetime of the generalissimo. Then departure and visit to Uplistsikhe – the amazing city  wasfounded at the end of the II millennium B.C. This most ancient fortress – grandiose titanic work on creation of the whole city from stone go on. Return to Tbilisi

-Overnight at the hotel

3 Day Tbilisi – Lagodekhi - Sheki

 Breakfast at the hotel

Check out

Free time

Departure to Lagodekhi - Crossing with border Azerbaijan. Completion of service.

Arrival in Sheki

Excursion. A sightseeing tour around Sheki, the Palace of Khans, Visit the village of Kish

 Sheki area is one of the most interesting, original and beautiful regions of Azerbaijan. The administrative center of the area – the city of Sheka – one of the most ancient cities of Azerbaijan, is located on picturesque southern slopes of Big Caucasian ridge against snow tops.

Sheki are called by right the architectural reserve of the republic. The particular interest causes the palace of Sheki khans (1762) in tourists – a rare example of a combination of national architecture to traditions of palace architecture. On design and internal furniture it will be difficult to find the second palace similar to it. It is known that at construction of the palace it wasn't used uniform nailing. The mosaic in it is executed in national style to a shebeka (ornament by color glasses).

The ancient Albanian temple, unique ancient monument, is in the oldest of places of Azerbaijan – the village of Kish stretched near Sheki. Emergence of the temple is dated the 1st century AD, time when the territory of Azerbaijan was included into the Caucasian part of Albania. Historians assume that the temple was founded by the apostle Eliseus who brought Christianity to Albania. Eliseus, having received itself in destiny the East and having directed a way from Jerusalem to Persia, and started preaching with three pupils.

However soon he underwent persecutions and arrived to Kish where arranged church and made a bloodless sacrifice. During blossoming of Christian religion in this territory the temple was very visited, however further was thrown and simply by miracle escaped till our times.

Even today the temple strikes with the beauty. Its bright red roof spike as if "burns" on the sun. On a high dome the cross is represented. Thick walls of the temple as if are decorated with small windows. In the temple cool even in the hottest weather, and air here as if it is impregnated with antiquity and divine spirit 

Accommodation in hotel

Free time

Overnight at the hotel

  4 Day

Day Sheki-Lahij- Shamakhi- Baku

 Breakfast at the hotel

Departure to Sheki – Shamakhi

On the road excursion Lahij – the small settlement of city type mislaid deeply in mountains of Greater Caucasus, a pearl of the Ismailly area, an ethnographic corner of Azerbaijan, unique by the nature and a way of life of inhabitants. The soil and partially again paved asphalt way to the settlement of Lahij, the river gorge Girdimanchay finishes, crossing a river stream on the thorough bridge and bordering steep walls of high mountains on narrow, is perceptible the cut ledges. The ice and snow covering this only road in winter months are torn off not seldom by Lahij from economic life of the valley and all region within many weeks.

Transportation to the settlement of Lahij is so stunning, as well as memorable for long time when in twisting roads before you suddenly there are landscapes, magnificent on beauty. Making this trip you undoubtedly remember forever the woods of this earth, its river and the gorge, medical air of mountains.

Visit to the Historical and ethnographic reserve "Lahij" – this unique corner of the Ismailly area, causes in travelers from around the world only love and admiration.

Natural isolation made Lahij very atypical settlement in Azerbaijan. Language lace of a dialect of old Persian language on which its inhabitants express, remains primary language in Lahij and in several villages surrounding it to this day. Within many centuries the people living nearby in the mountain district and in the valley spoke not only on "azer", but also actively used in communication of "Farsi", the Arab and Russian languages. However here, in this mountain village where today lives no more than 2000 people, inhabitants still spin lace on the unique persian dialect.

Arrival in Baku. Accommodation in hotel 4* downtown

  Excursion. «Sights of ancient and modern Baku».

The city panorama presented from height of Mountain part at a television tower visually gives an idea of contrasts and scales of Baku, covering a horseshoe the Baku Bay. The city has a form of the amphitheatre which is going down to the Caspian Sea. Excursion covers the central part of the city with display of the most interesting historical and architectural objects.

Free time

Overnight at the hotel

 5 Day

 09:00 Breakfast at the hotel

10:00 Excursion “Icheri Sheher” (The Old City)

Icheri Sheher’s territory – 22 Hectares, it is a small part of the total area of Baku (44 000 Hectares). Nevertheless, the saturation architectural and historical monuments, dictates need of allocation of this excursion in separate and does this part of Baku, perhaps, the most interesting to survey.There are not full list of sights of old Baku : The Maiden Tower (the XII century), the Shirvanshahs’ Palace (the XV century), Synyk Gala’s Lock, the Caravanserai, Djuma Mosque . 

 6 Day

 09:00 Breakfast at the hotel

10:00 Excursion «Carpet Museumt».

«Carpet Museum».

Azerbaijan State Museum of Carpet is the first museum in the world of carpets. Created in 1967, it opened in 1972. The museum exhibits works of art from different regions of Azerbaijan (Gabay, Guba, Shirvan, Ganja, Gazakh, Tabriz, etc.), Carpets and objects related to arts and crafts, Hawley (khalcha, challah, Challah will Kaba) sumac) various mats(Chul, mafrash, Kheybat, hurchun) also demonstrated museum exhibits related to the ancient period, the black pottery and bronze objects made in the 19th century., Embroidery, fabric, glass, metal, wood, jewelry, weapons and other artifacts.The State Museum of Azerbaijani Carpet is unique — it is the first museum of carpet in the world, and it has long remained the only one of its kind. «We showed that the carpet has its place in art is bright carrier of spiritual culture, «- said its director, Roy Tagiyev …Last year, the Museum of the Azerbaijani carpet was 40 years old. It was established on 1 June 1967, ten years later he was adopted into the family of International Council of Museums. Our museum collections formed the basis for organized by UNESCO in 1983 and 1988. Baku International Symposium «The Art of Oriental carpets.» In any case, it is difficult to find a country in the world where it is not carried out for the exhibition of the museum.

Free Time

7 Day

09:00 Breakfast

10:00 Excursion Gobustan

There is a museum on a place of the settlement of ancient near Baku, In Gobustan, people where up to now rock paintings, which age about 10 thousand years remained. Plots of these drawings – the documentary evidence of way of the people living here and the disappeared animal species which were once living in these parts.Among interesting exhibits – the rock with a Latin inscription narrating about stay in Gobustan in the I century of our era century of the Roman legion.

15:00  Free time (Shopping time)

Overnight at the hotel

 8 Day

 Breakfast at the hotel

Free time (Shopping time, visit the souvenir shop)

Overnight at the hotel

  9 Day

Breakfast at the hotel

Departure to the Heydar Aliyev International Airport

Arrival in Tashkent evening flight (17:30). Meeting at the airport .  Hotel accommodation. Overnight at the hotel . (Dinner on request for a fee ) .

 10 Day Breakfast. Excursion program in Tashkent: Visiting the area "Iskiklol" and Alisher Navoi Park; Kukildosh Madrassah (16th century); Visit Hasti Imam Complex with the holy Quran (644-656 years): madrasah Kaffal - Shashi (16th century); Barak-Khan (16th century); Amir Temur Square;   Additionally Not included in the tour price 13:00 Lunch at the restaurant "Humor" (10-12 $ pp c man). Continuation of the tour in Tashkent: - Tour visiting the "Zoo" and "Botanical Garden". At the request of a number of visits to trade or bazaar CUM or "Chor-Su". "Bunyodkor" stadium. (1-2 –objects  on a group $ 100). 19:00 Dinner ($ 12 pp)

 Dinner at the national restaurant. Transfer to the railway station. 20-00 Check out and overnight on the train "Tashkent - Bukhara" compartment cars .

 Day 11 8:00 Arrival in Bukhara. Breakfast.  Relax time. 10:00 Excursion program for the all day in Bukhara: Area Labi Havuz: Nadir Divan Begi Madrassah (17th century), Chanaka (17th century); Bolo Havuz; Magoki-Attari (12th century); Ulugbek (15th century) and Kukeldash (16th century); Survey on Poi-Kalyan. This monument includes the Kalyan Minaret (12th century), a mosque (15th century), and the madrasa Amir Alim Khan (age 19-20); Miri-Arab. Ark (10-19 century); Additionally Not included in the tour price 13:00 Lunch at the national restaurant (10-12 $ pp). Continuation of the tour in Bukhara: -Mavzoley Ismail Samani (age 9-10) (Ismail Samani, a representative of the powerful Samanid); Chashma-i-Ayub (12-14 century); (1-2 vyboru- object on a group $ 100). 19:00 Dinner ($ 12 pp)

 12 Day Tashkent Breakfast. Transfer to railway station. 8:40 Departure to Samarkand train "Shark". 11:20 Arrival in Samarkand. City Tours: Guri Amir mausoleum (15th century), Registan Square, which consists of a madrasa "Ulugbek (15th century)", "Sher Dor (17th century)", "Tilla Kari (17th century)." 13:00 Lunch. 14:00 Continuation of the excursion program (or spare time). 16.00. Gathering at the station. 17:00 Check in Tashkent on high-speed train "Afrosiyob". 19:10. Arrival in Tashkent. Overnight at hotel. Additionally Not included in the tour price 13:00 Lunch at the national restaurant (10-12 $ pp). 14:00 Continuation of the excursion programmy.Arhitekturny complex "Necropolis Shokhi Zinda" (11-15 century), Ulugbek Observatory ($ 50 group + entrance tickets $ 5 -pp) 20:00 Dinner at the hotel ($ 12 pp)  

 13 Day

 Breakfast. 07:00.

Transfer to the airport. Flight to Baku (morning flight)

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 Surcharge for single accommodation (Single Room): 250 USD Lunch: 20 USD per person. Dinner: 25 USD per person. Tour price per person for stays Double Room includes: Transport service Accommodation in Double room , BB Excursions according to the program (including tickets to the museum and guide service) Bottle of water

 If group will be more than 10 people – the head free of charge.


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