Alexander Dumas in the Caucasus ( 4 nights / 5 days )

Alexander Dumas in the Caucasus

 Tour duration: 4 nights / 5 days

Regions-Baku-Gobustan, Absheron peninsula, Shamakhi, Sheki


1 Day

Meeting of tourists at the airport of Heydar Aliyev.

Transfer to the hotel of the chosen category.

Free time.

Visit of the State Museum of History of Azerbaijan (acquaintance to an exposition)

Sightseeing tour across Baku – a foot walk and acquaintance to history and a city architecture of the period of 19-20 centuries: Nizami/shoping St./, «The area of fountains», the area at Nizami Gandjevi monument, then  Rasulzadeh  St. and an exit through a subway in Seaside park boulevard. In the conclusion of excursion moving by bus to Mountain park, visit of a memorial to «Shakhidlar Avenue» and survey of a panorama of Baku.


2 Day

Breakfast at the  hotel.

Excursion Baku City Tour

The city panorama presented from height of Mountain part at a television tower visually gives an idea of contrasts and scales of Baku, covering a horseshoe the Baku Bay. The city has a form of the amphitheatre which is going down to the Caspian Sea. Excursion covers the central part of the city with display of the most interesting historical and architectural objects.

Icheri Sheher’s territory – 22 Hectares, it is a small part of the total area of  Baku (44 000 Hectares). Nevertheless, the saturation architectural and historical monuments, dictates need of allocation of this excursion in separate and does this part of Baku, perhaps, the most interesting to survey.There are not full list of sights of old Baku : A maiden Tower (the XII century), the Shirvanshahs’ Palace (the XV century), Synyk Gala’s Lock, the Caravanserai, Djuma Mosque .

Excursion of «Icheri Sheher» — medieval Baku: «Shirvanshahs’ Palace» (15 century – under protection of UNESCO), ancient quarter mosques (Muhammad’s mosque-11 century), baths, samples of residential buildings, «Market square», Karwan Sheds of «Multani» (14 century) and «Bukhara» (16 century), «A maiden tower» — the most ancient construction of the city of Baku (under protection of UNESCO).

— Departure  on a two-day itinerary:  Baku-Shamakha-Sheki (extent of a itinerary 305 km.)

Short stop in Shamakha (120 km. from Baku). Excursion of «Djuma of a mosque» (9-20 centuries)

Departure from:Shamakha- Ismailly-Mugan mountain pass ( panorama of the Big Caucasus Mountains)

Arrival in Sheki and accommodation in the selected category.


3 Day         

Breakfast at the hotel.

 Excursion program in Sheki:

The city of Sheki is located in 380 km to the west of Baku, near the Georgian border. Sheki settled down in the picturesque mountainous area which is cut up by narrow gorges and green valleys with a set of springs, the purest rivers, falls and mineral sources, in a frame of the dense woods and Alpine meadows. There is an improving resort of Markhal is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places of of  Sheki.

Archaeological evidence suggests that the city can be considered as one of the oldest settlements in the Caucasus, many finds in its territory have age more than 2500 years ago.

– A city panorama from mountain part,

– Fortifications and towers of the medieval city (the XVIII-XIX centuries),

– Palace of Sheki Khans (XVIII century),

– The Albanian Christian temple to the settlement Kish. (Folk Museum XVI century),

–Historical museum,

Departure on itinerary: Sheki-Kurdamir-Alat-Gobustan(305 km)

Visit of the historical and art reserve «Gobustan». Visit the exposition of archeology, visit of habitats and acquaintance to a way of life of people of an era of «Stone Age» (7-8 millennium B.C.). Learning of the remained rock painting – «petroglyphs».


4 Day.        

Breakfast at the hotel.

Excursion of Sightseeing Apsheron Peninsula (35-40 km): mud volcanoes, acquaintance to production of edible salt on the lake «Masazir», visit the natural reserve «Yanardag» (natural remedy natural gas), visit the oldest oil fields (19 -20 cc.) in the village. Balakhani, a medieval castle in the village. Romany (XİV.) And the Temple of fire worshipers «Ateshgah» in Surakhani settlement (17c.).

-Return to Baku and excursion to the State Museum of a carpet.

-Free time.

-Sightseeing tour «Fires of Baku»

5 Day         

Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer to the airport of Heydar Aliyev.



Included in the tour price:


– Accommodation in hotels in Baku and on a itinerary, in double rooms,

– Food: breakfasts,

– Guide services,

– Entrance fee to sightseeing sites and museums,

– Granting comfortable motor transport throughout all route,

– Granting soft drinks during excursions and along the line,

– Visa support


Not included in the tour price:

Lunch start from 15 USD

Dinner strat from 20 USD

Other expenses of the guests