Excursion. «Ateshgyakh – the Temple of Fire worshippers».

«Ateshgyakh – the Temple of Fire worshippers».

The temple of an eternal flame Ateshgyakh – the truest Azerbaijani exotic.  About it  know practically around the world. It is located in 30 km from the center of  Baku, on the suburb of the settlement of Surakhana. This territory is known for such unique natural phenomenon as the burning exits of natural gas (gas, escaping outside, adjoins to oxygen and lights up). In a modern look the temple was built in the XVII-XVIII centuries.

14:00-15:00  Lunch at the Restaurant

15.00-17:00 Excursion «Museum of History»

«Museum of History»

One of the largest museums of Azerbaijan – the State Historical Museum  was founded in 1920 is in one of the most beautiful places, in the manor, the well-known oil tycoon and the philanthropist Hadji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev constructed in 1895-96. Since May, 1921 the museum which accepted the first visitors and till 1936 the USSR called by the State Museum Azerbaijani, had a special position in development of research institutes and museum work of our republic. On the basis of art historical values of the museum in 20-30 years the museums of the nature, history, art, theater, literature, religion and atheism, the memorial estate Shirvanshahs’ Palace, fund of Manuscripts, then become institute of Manuscripts of academy were created. The museum has 6 departments (Department of exposition and the fund of Azerbaijani history of ancient and medieval period, the department funds and exposition of the history of Azerbaijan of a new period, the department funds and exposure history of Azerbaijan the modern period, the department of numismatics and means epigraphy, funds ethnography department, scientific tours and working with the media), as well as laboratory restoration of museum exhibits, architectural design team, the impact of security groups, the crew, the Commission for acceptance and purchase of exhibits and a library.The total number of museum treasures more than 300 000 points. 20,000 of them are on display in the exhibition, and the rest is stored in scientific repositories -numizmaticheskaya (150, 000), archeological (93 000) Ethnography (9000), Weapon (2300), a research archive (12 000), precious metals fund (15 000), negative (10 000), the fund of rare books (4570) .Muzey published articles «Materials on the history of Azerbaijan.»